The Farnworth Funeral Book (1129)

The new Farnworth Funeral Book is now available at just 5.06 per copy. This beautifully printed colour edition is set out in an easy-to-follow manner to help mourners follow and participate fully in these meaningful liturgies, whether celebrated within or outside of Mass. The cover of this booklet can be made your own by submitting new artwork which we will then print at no additional cost. You could supply a picture of or from your church, the name of your church or specific details such as "Please leave for others to use" ? whatever you deem appropriate. These details may be added to our existing cover or form part of a complete cover design of your own. The texts have been approved by The Liturgy Office of the Bishops' Conference England and Wales and permission has been granted for use in Scotland. ISBN: 978-1-899379-03-3.

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